Thursday, August 03, 2006

After Action Catharsis

[I pasted this here for archival purposes.]

What an amazing get together. It was grand to see every one of you again. YOU GUYS ROCK! I knew we could still dance.

The Class of 1976's reputation precedes us. I fear The Red Lion chained us in the corner so no one would end up in the pool. Thanks to the golf scramblers for raising $82.00 for the cause--I am told you all had a good day on the links. Thanks to Terri for putting the whole tournament together. The Walk/Run/Bloody Mary/Champagne/H2O Breakfast was a blast. Thanks Cathy and Powersaw--you guys did a magnificent job. Thanks to Lynn and Vickie for manning the door, minding the store, and keeping track of the details--we would have been heads with our chickens cut off if not for you. Thanks to Gregg for his video expertise--we'll have a DVD of the festivities available in the near future. Thanks to Jackie (The Boss) for keeping us focussed and hiring a kick ass band. You got to fight for the right to PARRRRRRRRTY! Thanks to Cindy D. for keeping "their" feet to the fire and for organizing the Class Photo--we all still look marvelous by the way. Thanks to Warren for your stick-to-itiveness and for crunching the numbers so we could get the ball rolling. Thanks to Julie for safeguarding the mail and for putting up with us. Thanks to Andy for keeping us in stitches--you are our soul Beau. Thanks to Jeff Whitted for donating the 70s music CDs. Thanks to Barb Feasey for the archival materials--I'll keep them safe. Thanks to everyone who helped find the MISSING--don't stop looking until they're all back in the fold. Thanks to everyone who has donated funds for this web site. Thanks for all the hilarious stories I heard this weekend. Thanks to Bill St. Jean for the kiss on the cheek.


Blogger Bill St. Jean said...

I had a great time at the 30th, thanks to all the worked so hard to make it happen. I haven't danced or drank that much in years. Tony I hope I wasn't your only kiss on the check that weekend

11:33 AM  
Blogger Tony said...

Actually I did receive several kisses on the cheek... you were just the last.

12:44 PM  

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